Choosing the Right Replacement Windows Contractor

Everyday I seem to get asked about contractors. Specifically, what to look for in a contractor and how to choose one that will do what they say and NOT rip you off.

Fortunately, over the years I have had a lot of experience working with replacement window contractors and I can tell you without a doubt that not all are created equal. Here is a very short list of things to look out for before hiring someone to replace your windows:

  • Check references – I cannot emphasize this enough
  • Get a free written estimate – get it all in writing
  • If possible, pay with a credit card – if you’re not happy it is easier to get a refund
  • Go with your gut – as you interview more contractors one will sit better with you than the others.
  • Make sure they offer different brands of windows. If they offer just one brand you’ll likely pay too much

Hopefully, you’ll find this short list helpful.